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Jennifer Hartzel plays with a kitten at the Butler County Humane Society. Eagle file photo

Keeping your cat or dog safe and healthy in the new year goes beyond the basics of nutritious food, access to clean water and shelter from the elements, according to a Butler County veterinarian.

Dr. Lori Lowe, a veterinarian at Moraine Grove Veterinary Clinic, said that not only should people take their pets to the vet annually, but they should also be up to date on their shots to prevent diseases and other conditions that can be passed between pets. The current continues. A vet can give pet owners specific recommendations on how to keep their pets happy, healthy and entertained.

“Mental health is just as important as physical health and goes a long way toward preventing behavioral problems,” Love said. “Both dogs and cats need ‘environmental enrichment,’ objects and activities that mimic what they would naturally do. This makes their lives more interesting and prevents boredom. Boredom leads to behavioral problems.”

Carrie Ciancio, executive director of the Butler County Humane Society, echoed Love’s emphasis on the importance of vet visits, adding that vets can identify health problems that can arise from the socialization of animals, especially dogs. I.

“People who are taking their dogs to parks or letting their pets out, make sure you’re up to date on their vaccinations,” Ciancio said, “because it It will protect them from an animal that hasn’t had their vaccinations.”

Dogs and cats can benefit from being with their owners as well as through engaging activities like play, Love said.

“Dogs in particular are social creatures and generally want to be part of a pack … they want to be with their people,” Love said. “Even though cats are a little less social than dogs, they still like to be with their people. They appreciate opportunities to climb and hunt (and) chase. Some even like food puzzles. , being manufactured, hidden in boxes and paper bags, catnip and catnip.”

Ciancio said the humane society has a constant flow of dogs and cats in need of good forever homes. He said that New Year is the best time for people to make a big change by adopting a pet.

“We have loving animals here that need good homes and not enough people are adopting them,” Ciancio said. “We need really good people to take them in.”

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