5 Tips to Protect Your Pet from Illness or Injury During the Holidays

Shreveport, La.KTAL/KMSS) — the holiday season can quickly spoil your happiness if you need to take your pet to an emergency clinic.

These tips from the American Veterinary Medical Association can help you keep your pet safe and keep the holiday cheer going.

1. Keep food out of reach of your pets and ask your guests to do the same.

According to the AVMA, human foods can be harmful to pets, especially during the holidays, when individuals eat foods high in fat.

The AVMA emphasizes, ‘Table scraps in particular can be difficult for pets to digest and can cause pancreatitis. Bones can cause choking or intestinal obstruction. Also, many foods that are healthy for people are toxic to pets, including onions, raisins and grapes.’

They recommend removing litter to prevent your pet from ingesting potentially toxic food.

Contact the ASPCA Poison Control Center immediately. If you suspect your pet has ingested a hazardous food/plant/household product, call 888-426-4435.

2. Plan ahead and know the location of your local 24/7 emergency veterinary clinic.

Serving Shreveport and Bossier Animal emergency clinic and intensive care facility on Line Avenue, which offers after-hours emergency care.

3. Do not leave your pet alone in a room with lit candles, a decorated tree or potpourri.

Breakable jewelry can be dangerous to pets and can cause catastrophic injuries if eaten or stepped on.

The AVMA recommends securing your tree by tying it to the ceiling to prevent it from falling and unplugging your decorations.

4. Avoid scented candles as they can be toxic to your pet.

According to British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA), “Candles that are made with paraffin wax, use Ledwick or release synthetic oils and fragrances can be toxic.”

They point out that fragrances and/or oils can aggravate your pet’s existing respiratory ailments like asthma due to harmful toxins, such as naphthalene or phthalates.

The BC SPCA recommends candles made from soy, coconut, or vegetable-based wax with an unbleached 100% cotton wick.

5. Look for an exit

The AVMA recommends that you keep a close eye on your pets, especially when people are entering or leaving your home.

On Shreveport Bossier Lost and Found Pets page, there are more than 20 posts per day citing the disappearance of multiple dogs and cats.

Make sure your four-legged friend is wearing their collar with their ID tag and rabies tags and that their microchip is up to date. Losing a loved one during Christmas can be stressful and heartbreaking.

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