5 Common Pet Insurance Claims During the Holidays

Ingestion of foreign objects

“Tree ornaments, tinsel, ribbon, gift wrap and garland are often swallowed by curious pets at this time of year and can cause serious complications if ingested.”
Average claim for foreign body ingestion: $2,400
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Chocolate or caffeine poisoning

“Chocolate is toxic to pets and should always be kept out of reach, but the increased presence of sweet treats during the holidays increases the risk.”
The average chocolate toxicity claim is: $618
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Alcohol poisoning

“Pleasant cups and empty bottles should be kept out of reach of pets to avoid unexpected trips to the emergency room.”
Average claim of alcohol poisoning: $869
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Poisoning by plant-based substances

“Holiday symbols such as amaryllis, mistletoe, holly, holly berries or pine needles from the Christmas tree present varying levels of toxicity. Marijuana and cannabis-based edibles, oils and other products containing THC or CBD also cause illness. can
Plants, average claim for plant-based poisoning: $610
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Burns and electric shock.

“Chewing on string lights or electrical cords can cause electric shocks or severe burns.” Average Burn Claim: $180
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For many, the best part of the winter holiday season is time spent making memories with friends and family.

This includes our animal family.

Such a busy time of year can be full of accidents, which is why pet parents will want to take extra care to ensure that any pets in the home are safe and secure during the holiday festivities. Because accidents happen, and animals are not immune to this misfortune.

Nationwide recently analyzed 1.2 million pet insurance claims to determine the most common vacation risks for pets. According to Nationwide, the slideshow above illustrates the top causes of vacation pet insurance claims. The carrier regularly surveys holiday pet issues. As with most insurance claims, The costs associated with pet insurance claims have increased in recent years..

What steps can pet parents take to keep their pets safe during the holidays?

“Most health risks associated with the holidays are preventable, which is great news, but it does mean taking a few extra steps to ensure everyone in the family can enjoy the traditions safely. “PetHealth’s Nationwide Vice President and Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Jules Benson said A recent blog post on this topic. “When it comes to preventing holiday health emergencies, it’s important to consider your pet’s personality. Our data shows that certain breeds and small pets are more prone to foreign body ingestion. Pet parents should also take the time to see their home from their pet’s perspective and pet-proof it accordingly.

Pet house cleaning includes:

  • Surveying any objects at pet’s eye level and removing potential hazards.
  • Look for dangerous objects that the pet can easily knock over.
  • Securing exposed cords, wires, low-hanging ornaments or candles.
  • Making sure animals cannot access Christmas tree water, garland, candy dishes or flower arrangements.
  • Lock off hazardous areas of the home; Crate pets if needed.

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