43% claim that loved ones are more excited to see their pets during the holidays.

New York – Talk about a holiday! Nearly half of Americans (43%) believe their loved ones are more excited this holiday season than seeing their pets.

According to a new survey of 2,000 cat and dog owners, it’s actually a two-way street β€” as 32 percent admit they’re more excited to see their friends and family members’ pets too. Twenty percent also believe their pets enjoy them more during the holiday season.

About half do polls (48%). someting special For your pets during the most wonderful time of the year. This includes customization. Jewelry or decorating (64%), dressing them up in holiday clothes or pajamas (60%), and giving them their own tree (49%) or stocking (47%).

Half (49%) also like to give to their cat or dog. Additional treatmentand 45 percent admit they give their pets more. Treats at Christmas than at any other time of the year. TTwo-thirds (68%) are likely to give their four-legged friend their special treat. A holiday meal.

Organized by One Pool From Nolothe survey found that more than three-quarters (77%) Pet owners The holiday season is sure to make their pets happier than ever. Seeking attention (51%), welcoming guests (47%), and playing with the new holiday the toy (34%) are some of the top ways respondents can tell if their pet is in the holiday spirit.

Forty-two percent give to their loved ones. Gifts for the holidays. Those respondents give an average of three gifts and will spend more than $100 ($106.54) in total. The most popular gifts include toys (61%), clothes (59%), and treats (56%).

Forty-eight percent of Americans surveyed say they do something special for their pets during the holiday season. (Credit: Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash)

Which is most likely. Spoil your pets? According to the results, their brother comes out on top (37%), followed by their pet’s big “paw” fares, or respondents’ father (36%) and mother (34%).

“Healthy treats and special occasion treats are a great way to engage your dog or Kate can add to the fun moments of the holiday β€” and add a nutritional boost as a bonus,” says spokeswoman Heather Mendoza. Ph.D., director of research and development at Nivlo, in a statement. β€œIt’s surprising to see that pet owners are already giving their pets special food this season that matches their own holiday treats (30%) or their favorite variety (49%). Vacations provide an opportunity for quality time. Memorable experiences With their families, including finding meaningful ways to express extra Love For our incredible pets.

During the holiday season, keeping pets at home with them (60%) worsens. More walks or adventure (42%), and achieving to sleep More (40%). Pets also participate in traditions such as bringing them to events at other people’s homes (59%).Opening gifts” with the rest of the family (50%), and even visiting Santa (45%).

Three in 10 (30%) have a. the bed for their pets in the dining room so they can stay close to the table during holiday meals, and 73 percent admit their pets are likely to be underfoot. The kitchen. That may be because 78 percent of pet owners agree that it doesn’t feel like it Holiday season If they are not able to spend it with their pets.

“The results show that 40% of respondents believe Christmas Their pet favorite is the holiday – far ahead of other favorites (New Year’s Day) at 19%, says Mendoza. “Between more time together, more treats and more spoiling, it’s no wonder pets love this most wonderful time of the year.”

Survey Procedure:

This random double opt-in survey of 2,000 American cat and dog owners was commissioned by Nolo between November 28 And November 29, 2023. It was conducted by a market research company One Poolwhose team members are members. Market Research Society and obtain corporate membership of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPORand the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (Esomar).

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