40% of pets will open their Christmas presents this year.

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What a nice boy! Pets are at the forefront of this year’s list of recipients. According to the latest survey from Market Watch, pet owners are forking out an average of $122 for their furry companions this festive season. This is 20% of their total gift budget.

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A staggering 85% of pet owners are busy shopping for their furry friends. Of these, nearly 80% plan to make the presentation special by wrapping the gift or keeping it in a festive stocking. Additionally, 40% plan to let their four-legged friends enjoy the thrill of opening their presents independently.

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Gen Z is showing a generous spirit this holiday season, allocating a third of their holiday budget to pampering their pets. Despite having the smallest overall holiday budget, Gen Z plans to spend an average of $147 on their pets, outspending any other generation.

A bored purebred cat lies under the Christmas tree during the holidays.

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In terms of shopping preferences, local pet boutiques are outpacing national chain retailers, even as online shopping maintains its dominance. 63 percent of shoppers choose to support local businesses, while only 23 percent choose national chains. What are they shopping for, you ask?

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Here’s what people are buying their pets this year:

    • 74% are buying toys.
    • 68% are investing in treatment.
    • 43% are getting accessories like leashes and cat trees.
    • 28% are opting for clothing and new apparel.
    • 37% are choosing premium pet food.

For a comprehensive view of the results, see: Link to full study.

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