33 Things Pet Owners Who Have Rescued Pets Like

Promising review: “We purchased this grooming kit as a last resort in an effort to give our dog Chucky a stress-free haircut. Chucky is a rescue dog (springer spaniel) who is a lovely companion dog in all other ways but has been abused. done and he is fear-based aggression, especially when it comes to grooming. We welcome almost all pet sitters within 60 miles of us and the vet’s office just in case. Raises it when treated like surgery and under anesthesia. My adult son said he wouldn’t stress if we tried to prepare it at home. He still needs Dr. Needs a nail clipper for regular check ups but I can’t tell you how great it is, it’s literally life changing for us! The grooming kit is very low noise, different. There are so many attachments for trimming heights, cleaning feet, separating, etc. It’s hard to believe the price is so low! The unit works perfectly and yes, you have to empty the chamber often but This item is worth every penny!” –Mickey print

Get it from Amazon. $119.99.

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