31 Products to Make Pet Parents’ Lives So Much Easier

BuzzFeed shopping editor and cat mom Jenny Seitz owns this high-tech letterbox, and it says: “When my mom first told me about this $500 automatic litter box she’d read about somewhere, my eyes bugged out at the thought of spending it on something my cats would hide in. But after thinking about it some more, I realized that this is actually a very reasonable investment since I plan to keep the cats forever but embarrassingly end up with their litters. Hate to clean out the bins as often as they should.

I’ve been using the Litter Robot myself for 2+ years, and I’m pretty sure both my cats and I are happier with it. After using the cat, the litter robot waits a set amount of time until the cat’s presence is no longer detected, then starts moving around, keeping the clean litter in the barrel and dropping the litter into a bag below. Collects. I usually don’t detect the smell from it afterwards, though once the bag starts to get there. Really Done, you may get a subtle reminder that you need to take it out. I only have to take that bag out once a week, and the flashing light will let you know when it’s full.

Initially, the cats were a little scared of the sound of the litter robot during the cycle, and for the first few weeks, they would just sit and stare at it, as if it would get up and run towards them if it caught its eye. Will pull. Far from it at this point, though, they have completely adjusted and accepted it as their way of life. mine Life is much easier while making sure they always have a clean bed of dirt. It’s an expensive purchase, sure, but If cleaning the litter box daily or every other day is difficult for you and you don’t think much about it, then I say the litter robot is worth it.. One thing to note: it’s pretty big, so make sure you have a dedicated space for it.”

Get it from Letter Robot. $549 (Available in white or grey).

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