3 Ways Having a Pet Can Improve Your Love Life

Pets are considered part of the family for many households in the U.S., with nearly 66% owning some kind of “fur-child.” Many studies show that Owning a pet can be incredibly beneficial to individual well-being.. However, recent research has focused on the complex role that pets can play in romantic relationships.

While it is known that pets can be a great source of emotional support, a tireless motivator for physical activity, and a provider of unconditional love, studies show that pets affect partner selection, relationship outcomes, and contributions. Can also play an important role in diffusing tension between partners.

Here are three ways that research shows pets can serve as your furry matchmaker.

1. Pets can boost your dating game.

A 2015 the study From Anthrozos—a journal that specializes in interactions between people and animals—found that pets play an interesting role in the evaluation and selection of potential love interests. Interestingly, these roles were different for men and women.

Women in the study were found to be more discerning about romantic interests based on pet ownership. In essence, women reported that they were more likely to be attracted to one if they owned a pet—significantly more so than men. The study also found that men use their pets as a way to attract potential lovers at a higher rate than women.

So, pet dads, make sure those photos of you and your furry friend are on your social media Dating profiles. Showing off your status as a pet owner can prove to others that you are capable of responsibility, patience, determination, and companionship.

Additionally, more women in the study relied on cues from pet interactions than romantic interests to determine whether or not they were a viable partner. Simply put, if a woman sees her potential love interest treating their pet with kindness, affection, or care, she will consider dating them more than her pet. Talks indifferently, or not at all.

This simple act of showing affection to animals, whether they’re yours or not, is a surefire way to show your more affectionate side, and science shows that it increases your chances of winning them over. can.

2. Pets can strengthen your bond with your partner.

Once you’ve won your partner over by showing your animal-loving side — and if you manage to settle down with them — you can further enhance your relationship by co-owning a pet with your partner. can make one more the study found that co-ownership of a pet can lead to various romantic relationship benefits.

Researchers found that people with pets reported higher levels of closeness and family feelings toward their partner, as well as higher relationship quality. In one of their studies, researchers also found couples who had pets together reported higher bonding rates than couples without pets.

Sharing the joy of having a pet with your partner can be a great way to bond and find happiness. Sharing the responsibility of caring for your pet can foster a sense of cooperation and teamwork. Of course, raising a pet isn’t always a walk in the park, but facing these challenges as a team can make you better at problem solving and finding compromises that work for both of you.

Caring for a pet with your partner also allows for shared physical activity and quality time together. Playing and cuddling with your pet as a couple can create precious moments of intimacy, and regularly playing or walking your pet can promote a healthy and active lifestyle together.

3. Pets can reduce relationship stress.

In one topic Published in Family practice, a psychologist, sheds light on the many important roles that pets can play in couple and family processes, as well as how they play a role in relationship dynamics and stress. The author recounts a healthy social experiment that a former colleague of his conducted, in which he set up a camera to record the daily meals of a couple who own cats every night of the week.

During dinner, the couple’s conversation often became tense. However, whenever the couple was on the verge of conflict, their kitchen door would burst open and their cat would jump straight into his wife’s lap. As she petted the cat, light conversation resumed and the tension between the pair dissipated.

This story shows that having a pet can serve as a natural stress reliever and conversation starter. Having a pet in the home can allow couples to distract themselves from the negative aspects of their lives or relationships and, in turn, reconnect with each other over a shared love for their little companion.

Whether it’s the warmth of a cat on your lap or the boundless energy of a playful dog, pets remind us to appreciate the present and share our lives with those we care about. So, if you’ve ever needed a sign to embrace the world of pet ownership, consider this an invitation to let a furry friend into your heart and home. They will not only fill your life with love but also make your journey through love more joyful and heartwarming.

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