3 Trumbull County dogs are forever ready for the holidays.

Ready to trade in kennel life for a cozy couch life, these Trumbull County pups need humans to grant their Christmas wishes.

WARREN, Ohio β€” There’s nothing like staying home for the holidays and spending time with loved ones this time of year.

This is not only for humans but also for pets.

Sadly, many of our kennels and shelters these days are filled with wonderful dogs, all of them without a home through no fault of their own. We recently heard that three pups volunteers would like to see adopted in time for Christmas.

They are on Trumbull County Dog Pound at Warren, which is staffed by caring and dedicated pet lovers who freely admit the cramped quarters at the facility don’t make good first impressions. This is especially for dogs that have some energy to burn and are not made for tight spaces.

“We definitely have some great dogs here,” Trumbull County Dog Warden James Infante told us.

In its previous life, the building served another purpose, Infante said, but was repurposed to become a kennel for dogs. As a result, there are animals that make great companions, but don’t show up well in a noisy environment and are often overlooked.

We asked for “speed dates” with 3 kids who have been here for several months. Meet Dixon, Infinity and Spot β€” three men who are ready to give you a New Year’s hug and help you reach your 2024 fitness goals!

“Oh Hocking Hills A dog, you know?” Infante said of the 50-pound dog. “He could be one of them. A runner, even. You can do anything to drain his energy.”

The Dixon would make a great companion for anyone who loves to hit the metro parks and enjoys outdoor adventures. He comes out of the kennel strong, but after a few minutes is fine walking.

He is believed to be about 2 years old and knows basic commands. He also loves blueberries, specializes in sloppy kissing, and shares his love with the passionate Bitwiggles.

Rob, a volunteer, has gotten to know Dixon well, and struggles with why he hasn’t taken more interest yet.

“He’s a great dog,” said Rob. “Definitely one of my favorites.”

Bachelor No. 2 is Infinity, fresh off a Thanksgiving stay at a volunteer’s house where she gets high marks for manners and following all the house rules! Infinity was great, trusted to run the house while the home owner was out for a few hours. A real gem indeed.

Infinity is about 2 to 3 years old and about 60 pounds of Velcro, ready to bond with his forever human.

“He loves toys, kisses, even in the kennel cage,” Infante said. “He’s another couch potato.”

Last, but not least, we have Spot! He’s also a young guy who weighs over 60 pounds. He loves some belly rubs and playing fetch, and is perfect as a country dog ​​or city dog. All it takes is for the person to love a jar of creamy peanut butter.

“He could play fetch all day in his fenced yard,” Rob explained. “He just loves being outside. Definitely a fan favorite here. One of our longest residents.”

Spot, Dixon and Infinity have trained. Dog Smarts in WarrenWhere they are star pupils. Now, they are just waiting for someone to fulfill their best Christmas wishes.

Voices of The Trumbull County Dog Pound is the 501c3 nonprofit volunteer arm that supports this facility. They desperately need more breeders. The facility is full And some dogs are in crates. If you can help, please get in touch. Here.

Additionally, you can earn more about Dashing Dixon. Hereclick to hack Invincible Infinity. Hereand there’s something special about the spot. Here! All three pups are better suited to families with older children, while Dixon and Infinity require meet-and-greets with family dogs. It is believed that the Spot can only be the best as a dog.

In addition to the Dixon, Spot and Infinity, there are many other wonderful dogs ready for homes. Please check them out. Here.

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