16 to the rescue: Ghost, Friends with Paws Pet Rescue in Scranton

SCRANTON, Pa. – In this week 16 To save, We meet a small dog that is currently being raised in the Scranton area.

“He would be very loyal, and he would make you smile all day long,” Brian Donahue said Friends with Paws Pet Rescue in Lackawanna County.

It’s not hard to smile when you see that face and those big beautiful eyes. The ghost is probably about 1 or 2 years old, a West Highland/Mix, living with a foster family in the Scranton area.

“He’ll be with you all day, in your house. He just loves being around people. He’s a very fun dog and a very active dog,” Donahue said.

The ghost was found abandoned by a property manager in August. It was briefly adopted, but didn’t work due to some security issues.

However, Ghost has been living with a foster family through Friends With Paws Pet Rescue in Scranton for about two months, and his foster owner, Brian Donahue, has already seen some great progress. They’ve been working on moves and training, and Donahue says they’ve become best friends.

“He would be great with a young couple, maybe a teenager, definitely another dog. He likes to play with other dogs, maybe medium to small dogs are his favorite. Definitely enthusiastic people, Because he likes to walk, that’s his favorite thing,” Donahue said.

Rescue workers say Ghost would do best in a home that is home often, perhaps someone who works from home. Also, anyone who is outdoors can spend a lot of time with him as this is his favorite place. If you adopt Ghost and give him a second chance at a forever home, he will be your best friend.

“He sleeps right next to you in bed; when you’re on the couch, he has to be with you; he just looks at you from the moment you wake up in the morning. He just wants to go for a walk,” Donahue said. “He just likes to be with you.”

If you are interested in meeting Ghost, you can find his adoption information here. By clicking here.

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