114 Pets Whose Lives Were Ruined or Improved After Their Owners Got Siblings

“She also had some suggestions for readers who would like to help animals in need. “Shelters across the county, including the San Diego Humane Society, are over capacity and struggling to keep up with the constant influx of animals. . Most shelters are over capacity, especially with large dogs. Here are some ways community members can help save animals:

Adoption: If you’re thinking about adding a pet to your family, the San Diego Humane Society urges you to consider adoption first. By opening your home to shelter pets, you give a deserving animal a second chance while creating a much-needed space for other pets in need. January 26-28, 2024, all San Diego Humane Society campuses will have 50% off adoption fees for adult dogs. The San Diego Humane Society currently has 240 adult dogs available for adoption.

Foster: As shelters face a space crunch, fosters are more important than ever. By temporarily opening your home to pets, you give them a break from the shelter — and help conserve the shelter’s tight resources. Whether you choose to foster for a few days or weeks, it makes a difference. At the San Diego Humane Society, we provide all the supplies, you provide safe space and love.”

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