10 Vacation Dangers for Pets

Keep dangerous jewelry, such as glass and tinsel (which can be a choking hazard), out of the reach of small claws. Valley News/San Diego Humane Society photo

SAN DIEGO – With the holiday season upon us, the San Diego Humane Society is reminding pet owners to take precautions to keep their pets safe. Gifts, decorations, plants and holiday foods can sometimes be harmful to our furry friends. Here are the top 10 vacation risks for pets: 1. Christmas trees: Christmas trees can be dangerous, especially for climbing cats. Make sure your tree is secured, preferably in a corner to reduce the chance of it falling over. Keep dangerous ornaments, such as those made of glass and tinsel (which can be a choking hazard), on high branches and out of the reach of little paws.2. Wrapped gifts: If you’re wrapping gifts – especially those containing food (especially chocolate), dog treats or dog toys – keep them out of your pet’s reach.

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